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Supporting Your Business

Our solutions support the client’s strategic goals: by partnering with clients, and listening to their unique needs, we provide value, increase engagement between client and customer, and increase participation levels in marketing and affinity programs.

Client Success: $2.7 million in savings

One of our healthcare clients required a customizable, print-on-demand kitting program to create more than 2.1 million pre-enrollment kits in a booklet format.

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Their operation manages some of our most important documents for key customer groups. Those pieces carry significant amounts of personalized data, which requires strict adherence to HIPAA and PHI guidelines, which is one of SHPS great strengths. Their other strengths reside with their account management and programming teams.

Mr. Michael Flipping - UnitedHealthcare

Each and every time SHPS Fulfillment comes through for us! Their management and operations staffs give our projects expert attention, making sure that every component is produced and assembled properly and delivered on-time.

Ms. Tonya Jewell - Yum! Brands, Inc.

Our clients depend on accurate and timely assembly and shipping of membership packages. We take full advantage of SHPS Fulfillment’s key services: printing, lettershop, hand assembly and mailing. Our continuing association is a testament to SHPS' expert level of service.

Mr. Robert Weddington - Access Services Group

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